Friday, December 07, 2007

Why wonder of the world you ask?

wonder of the world plant- Bryophyllum pinnatum

If readers have noticed thebookmann shift to the title, wonder of the world, the reasoning is its resilience which the plant's name is derived from. It can survive anywhere without not much to sustain it.

Bryophyllum pinnatum plant, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, Goethe Plant

The writer Johann von Goethe was an adamant lover of this plant and studies its mysterious reproducing properties. Every West Indian child should remember putting a leaf between the pages of their copybook. Overtime, the plant would begin to spring roots from the sides of the leaf. Known in Trinidad and Tobago as the wonder of the world, one of the many medicinal properties it contains is the power to strengthen the heart by purifying the blood or to reduce a swelling by using as a poultice over the skin.

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Anonymous said...

How is the leaf used to obtain its medicinal properties?


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