Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lost dreams to family obligations

She says it with great sadness that her true calling was to paint. Then, obligation stepped in a put a stop to it. Yet, in this quaint bar near Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies, two oils paintings are part of the All Fours rooms # 3 and # 2 respectively. They show a Trinidad that once was with the depictions of cattle and Tapia houses set over fifty years ago. The artist is unknown but he was once part of bar’s beginning.

That was then, this is now, and with the family obligation to carry on the bar, to served the regular drunks and combat the bandits at night, she allows a small part of her dream. Behind the heavy curtains and towards the wall, two dusty scenic landscapes are painted of a place that seems quite foreign, but rendered in a childlike matter.

A proprietor of a bar in Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies. To the left, the bar’s regular customers having a drink, bright and early on a Sunday. Oils, painted on wood.

Tapia is a mud dwelling with a thatched roof

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