Friday, December 07, 2007

The passing of Lord Kitchener,s Rainorama

Is sweat-rice make he so...

This is Rain-O-Rama, a property once occupied by the family of calypsonian Lord Kitchener, Aldwyn 'Roberts to which he bequeathed to someone else other than his wife and children. Since his death in 2000, a battle has ensued for ownership of the property.

Rain-O-Rama is a landmark in the area of Diego Martin, Trinidad, West Indies and the ongoing dispute has raised the question of preserving the founders of the island's irreplaceable culture such as this. It is only the people of Trinidad and Tobago who are responsible to uphold.

The lyrics to the benefactor of
Lord Kitchener - Mark his words
Sweat-rice - An incantation which woman use to induce pheromones. It is a form of local voodoo or obeah in the Caribbean.


Audrey, where you get that sugar

Darling there is nothing sweeter
You make me scream, you make me bawl You make me feel like ten foot tall
Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum , Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum, Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum

Audrey, every time you wiggle
Darling, yo u put me in trouble
You torture me, the way you wine
I love to see your fat behind
Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum , Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum, Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum

Darling, I don't want to lose you
Honey, like you give me voodoo Give way me land, give way me car But let no man touch my sugar Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum

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