Sunday, December 09, 2007

To all the virgin martyrs - Saint Agnes

Since the fourth century, Saint. Agnes has been regarded a martyr in the purest sense through Christian beliefs. She endured a fate where she was tortured and decapitated by a sword to protect her virginity. She was canonized in 1950.

Here in Saint James, Trinidad, West Indies, an artist has a deep devotion to her. A fable of her martyrdom is re-erected in a pictorial that seems set much later or just confused by the accuracy surrounding her time. Hence, the virgin, the halo as yellow paint skirting her cloaked head, her long hair, the lamb, the sword, the meadow and of cause, the brightly painted red picket fence.

According to the notes of Leonardo Da Vinci, he found that humility was the most striking by example of the lamb which will submit to any animal; and when they are given for food to imprisoned lions they were as gentle to them as to their own mother, so that very often it has been seen that the lions forbear to kill them. We in Trinidad and Tobago prefer lamb to be curried.

Saint Agnes, airbrushed on the entrance of Saint Agnes Church, St. James, Trinidad, W. I.

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