Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art back in time - thebookmann

Question: Bomb, what is your purpose?
Answer: To follow my master's command

In the summer of 1988, Toronto held its CNE Air Show. Aircraft enthusiasts gathered near lake Ontario to capture vantage and modern combat aircrafts show their range and capabilities. The summit meetings of the 7 industrialized democracies were also hosted, including leaders such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. thebookmann caught a glimpse of the shadowy figures in a heavily guarded limousine as they passed McCaul Street. Then, the Ontario College of Art had a simple foyer, a brown security desk and two doorways at either side to the upper floors of the building.

At the Toronto Air show, there was a more ominous presence lurking on the outskirts, the American B1 bomber. The man as the shadowy figure had the fate of the world, and at any given command he could trigger the bay doors of the aircraft to open and release a device. That day over the peaceful skies of Ontario, the B1 bomber skimmed beneath the clouds and placed Man as God if he so choose to be. It is a vision beholden to no one,

Emotions of uncertainty can trigger an act to produce a work relating to the political climate. The installation with a painting above it, a silhouette of the B1 bomber with the words G-O-D offended many viewers when it was exhibited at OCA.

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