Monday, August 20, 2007

Whores in paradise ?

Chinee man does lick down man to find it

Behind this black door with the lettering clearly marked in English, "The Management Has The (Rights) To Refuse Admission”, you asked yourself, refused? And why a metal door with a peep window? What really goes on inside.

"Caribbean isle Restaurant and Bar" is located in Woodbrook, Port of Spain. If you pass late at night on Wrighson road, you may see a few cars parked in front the entrance, and oddly enough, groups of Chinese seamen who linger in front and who are determined to utter the their best English through the small port window to the bar bouncer, the keeper of the gate. Caribbean Isle is quite a stretch to walk from the wharf in the heart of the capital, yet these men get to urge to find themselves there. Then you say to yourself, "Dem looking for a bull".

Many years ago, thebookmann ventured into this quaint and quite ordinary bar, men sat cordially at their tables and caually chatted with a female guest or two. Yet there seemed to be an unwritten rule of other pleasurable items on the menu other than the taste of a beastly cold Guinness.

Local sex antidotes: To get a woman horny, let her drink a hot Guinness.

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