Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tobago - A German interpretation

Wie andere von uns sehen
The National Museum has done it again. They have produced a show in affiliation with the German Embassy, and the results are noteworthy to say the least. Many of us are aware of Luise Kimme. She is the German/Tobagonian Artist who creates larger than life sculptures of people of the island in mythical poses.

Her work is accompanied by large paintings done by Andrea Hoffer. Both types of work are well paired, and it is a definite pleasure to look upon large contemporary interpretations of colonial houses, painted in a mesh of fretwork and fauna. It is as though you have stepped through a looking glass and Miss Kimme’s
people are frozen in time against a backdrop of hazy forms of Miss Hoffer's work that connect many views of lazy life on an idyllic island, but when one looks more closely, one sees much more under the surface. A bit of lace, a face from a faded photograph, a patterned curtain fluttering in the breeze. Who was there? Or what is the story here? The paintings seem to conjour these thoughts up, and they are not settling thoughts, but investigative in nature.

Among familiar pieces by Miss Kimme are also many lush and densely sculpted, colourful pieces that I believe have not been exhibited before. Where the paintings leave off, the sculpture complements. This show is a sensitive melding of textures, scale and colour. After a minimalist show by Dolino, it is a sensible complement and continuation to what may be an embassy series. This is a treat. Don’t miss it. - Adele

At the Annex, the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago,
Luise Kimme and Andrea Hoffer 12 -24th June 2007

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