Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tobago - immortalized in gelatin

Abandonment and emptiness where voices filtered once through is silent. Here stands a whistling instrument to the wind

he delightful image of the children sheltering from the rain, their hands and faces gesturing upward, asking, ’Is the rain over yet.” Transforms you. You feel a part of the scene. But let us look closer. The vertical reds of the parlor helps focus your eyes on the children. The colour is sharply contrasted and make this photograph an artistic one.

Is Tobago this way today? In some ways, but it is changing. thebookmann's eye is acutely tuned to colour. It is the basis of all that he does. He is sensitive to its impact. So when he says that he is a colourist, know that he means in all media colour is his technique and his tool.

The old house with the broken window pane is a pastiche and the bookman comes back again and again to the abandoned spaces. The colour and the texture of this piece is further highlighted by the sense of perspective.

The interior of a house, framing another along the way with its weather beaten roof compel me to reach for V.S.Naipaul’s writings on the Caribbean and the framing of the two men amidst the vertical and horizontal lines of the building, the pink wash and whitewash providing texture. You tell yourself that it feels like a Sunday. - Adele

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Stefan Falke said...

I love the way these images are put together !!


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