Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To my place of birth - Racing Pigeons

From Guayaguayare to your loft - Clock time in - Clock time out

The owner of this pigeon club located in Cocorite, Trinidad and Tobago takes great pride in his sport. There are bets and winnings to be made from members all over the racing community.

At the Fly with us, a club with a difference in T&T, Cocorite pigeon club, the pigeon coops are to the back and the betting window with racing forms is to the front of a house. The owner is proud to display many of his trophies behind a wire cage, and this gives the place a sense of prestige.

The upkeep of these thoroughbreds are costly and you can spend over $400 just in feed or for general care such as a checkup. Birds are given medication and vitamins to keep their vigor for those long flight hauls and their stool are checked for any bacterial matter which they may have been picked during a flight. Yet it is the thrill and pure enjoyment of the sport that keeps it going, says the this owner, no matter the cost.

Races commence one a week and the highest winnings could reach $3000 dollars. The are categories for older and younger pigeons but if there are hawks in the area, younger pigeons are not released.

pigeon race as far as Grenada and Tobago and they are officially timed and tagged by the president of the club.


Anonymous said...

how do you get the pigeons to greneda? by boat or plane?

Jairam said...

I found a pigeon in my backyard, it has a ring on its foot with some letters and a number. I believe its a racing pigeon that got lost or tired on its journey home. Can someone contact me so i will know what to do with the bird?

Anonymous said...

IF Fancier Dear pigeon fancier you say that this a club with a different all well and good but you dont even keep meetings for the fanciers to voice their oponions on weather things are good or bad in the so call club. everyone have an oponion and should be heard .

Kelly Ann said...

I also found a pigeon in my yard with a ring on its foot and and the letters and numbers as follows SQC IF 2006 1771. Please advise on a contact for the Pigeon Club in Trinidad. You may contact me via email

Anonymous said...

I found a pigeon and it has a ring on its leg. It seems to be injured and I would like to know if there is anyway possible to contact its owner


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