Friday, March 09, 2007

Saatchi the Google of Art?

Be careful for what you wish for

Excuse me Mr. Saatchi, there is a tidal wave of artists at your door, shall I let them in?

The art collector Charles Saatchi is attempting to amass the work from many artists worldwide by using the internet. The Saatchi Gallery website has introduced a puzzling gallery which allows anyone to upload samples of their artwork. Artists have seized this as a opportunity to participate in the project in the hope for the big break with all the trapping behind it.

Mr. Saatchi is using his instincts and experience as he desires to become an internet Art guru and conservator of art information. He is trolling the water for the next best thing and his data-base may eventually store thousands of artists eager to capture his eye and exhibit in his real rather than virtual gallery.


Stefan Falke said...

bookmann, thats the way we are going, like or not, and we (you and me) are an active part of this new world. And having fun with it. And sure enough, a Mr Saatchi is smart enough to use this new age technology to his advantage. But you are right about his poorly done interface, it does look a little bit like an online slotmachine and the whole thing might just crumble under its own weight.

Anonymous said...

nice to read your stuff about art. I was looking for somebody from Trinidad, some artists to make a project here in brazil.
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