Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scream your name over and over - T&T

Why we love who we are - The linguistics of spoken West Indian English.

For many years in Trinidad and Tobago there was a local television show called "Scouting for Talent".
It was produced by the TV personality Holly Betaudier, his objective was to audition people who had some sort of entertaining ability. Once a week participants trotted out the best renditions of mostly popular American tunes. An interpretation of a Stevie Wonder or a Whitney Houston's " I would always love you" would be attempted with all the inner passions of the individual. Occasionally, a contestant would perform a modern dance routine, or play a composition on our national musical instrument, the steel pan. Trinidadians should remember the woman in the tight stretched white spandex pants who danced to a ballet wearing a pair of roller skates, the man who spitted out gum on stage before belting out his song or the Indian girl and black man's dance routine. He dressed as a vampire and she as a coffin, It was amazing. What made these appearances so memorable were how confident the participants presented themselves to a live audience.

This is a video clip from the local music TV station called Synergy, and the artist is Nicole De Coteau filmed at the Chaguaramas Peninsular, Trinidad. Ms. Coteau is going all out with her music genre that really can't be explained, but she is surely supported by her entourage of admirers that groove to her tune. The singer exhibits a tone in which Trinidadians and Tobagoians call pure self-confidence. Her temperament equals the level of a Scouting of Talent contestant. -thebookmann

Put your arms up upon meh shoulder baby
Hold meh tight squeeze meh sugar honey
Let de whole night completely satisfy meh
Swee lovin gets meh delighted
Yuh de one to get meh excited
With wine and roses and candle lighted

Swee lovin to satisfy meh
Swee lovin yuh ca deny meh
Bring yuh lov into meh baby
Make no mistake de tem-perature

Scream your name over and over
Take meh now I ca wait no longar
Splashing and pleasure make meh perspire
Oh baby yuh dis bend meh like wire

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