Friday, June 22, 2007

In tribute - The best way I can

What makes a great artist? What attributes must he or she possess? To the left of you is a fine sample. Yes, it is an old dilapidated van but if you look in a little further, its much more.

The owner has rendered a tribute to Trinidad and Tobago's national sportsmen starting with Brian Lara's record of 400 not-out during a cricket test match in 2004. The artist has also hailed the swimmer, George Bovell in his painting as well. For his Bronze medal feat at the 2004 Olympics, a lion and warrior are etched from paint on the side panel of the British Ford van.

It may not be the incomplete stadium or the proposed swimming pool site that is overgrowned with bush, what really matters is the passion and respect of a good deed from an individual from this small nation, Trinidad and Tobago. - thebookmann

The rusty van refused to give up its pride. Wrought on its sides in house paint stand a testimony to past great days for Trinidad and Tobago. The hasty text of Lara not out and the Jamaican aphorism, yuh done know, are scrawled on the vehicle, along with valiant attempts to capture other elements of Rastafarian art, like the lion of Judah and what looks like a dreadlocks warrior. Because this van is so decrepit, the images are especially poignant. - Adele

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