Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All dem spice make meh wood hard

Tanti knows it all
At the central market in Trinidad and Tobago there are a number of stalls which are operated by older ladies. We fondly call them Tanti. What they sell are a variety of spices and concentrated concoctions like molasses. These are generally from roots, seeds and barks from trees. If you need mauby, seamoss or pure coco to make your morning tea, she has it.

The proprietor always has her take on the world of spices and extracts, and she is always willing to tell you how they should be properly prepared. Also adding to the utensil that blends the brew - the
swizzle stick. -thebookmann

In preparation of making a Seamoss drink

First yeh soak it, wash it clean, then boil and add spice - watch it so it don't overflow. Then put it to cool. After yeh swizzle it with powder milk and condense milk.

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