Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Millennium series - One

Our earth, the Soul of the living, and the Sun, the God of life, are built from ashes of dead stars, and human beings and all forms of life are a collection of atoms forged in stellar furnaces. All chemistry and therefore all of life have been formed by stars. We are literally children of their conception.

A time to live, a time to die - Our Sun
The Aztecs of the Americas believed the sun was the source of all life; they called it Ipalnemohuani,"He by whom the people live." Since the heart is the symbol and vessel of life, the hearts of the living people and animals were sacrificed to the Sun god.

Life is established

The English scientist Charles Darwin imagined a plausible theory for life's emergence. In a letter he wrote in 1871, Darwin suggested that life arose in a "warm pond" where a rich brew of organic chemicals over eons may have been the catalyst to the formation of the first simple organisms.

A series of 12 layouts from a project called the Millennium Diary deigned, written and published in 1998. It consisted of illustrations and quotes to describe our brief existence, that is from the time-tine on this planet. -thebookmann & Adele

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