Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Millennium series - Two

Central to Buddhist thought is the doctrine of Four Truths:
1. That existence is suffering (dukkha)
2. That this suffering has a purpose (samudaya)
3. That it can be suppressed (nirodha)
4. That there is a way (magga) to accomplish the noble path

Fran├žois Fourier, b.1772
The French philosopher believed in a universal principle of harmony, manifested by four factors: The material universe, organic life, animal life, and human society. This harmony, Fourier says, can flourish only when the restraints of conventional social behaviour placed upon the gratification of desire have been abolished, allowing people to live free and complete lives.

Discours sur l'homme / Discourse on Man.
The French writer Voltaire, the first historian of civilisation, urged readers to consult only reason and their own sense in understanding the dogmas of church and state.

A series of 12 layouts from a project called the Millennium Diary deigned, written and published in 1998. It consisted of illustrations and quotes to describe our brief existence, that is from the time-tine on this planet. -thebookmann & Adele

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