Sunday, May 20, 2007

The enemy is ourselves - Heroes

Self-preservation, nature's first great law, all the creatures, except man, doth awe. - Andrew Marvell

If you believe in your destiny or the power of art to predict the future, you should take a closer look at sculpture Tar Baby vs. St. Sebastian.(left) It is a self cast of a New York–based artist Michael Richards who depicted himself as a martyr pierced by the props of World War 2 fighters. That eventful morning, Mr. Richards was in his studio on the 92th floor.

It makes you wonder when fiction merges with reality, and how violated America still feels from the 2001 attacks in New York. This is brought forth by a popular science fiction television show called Heroes, with all the trapping of a mutant, Hiro Hakamura who is on his mission to save New York city from its apocalypse "Boom". His vision of the city's pending future can be changed, he believes, if he eliminates a part of himself by killing his all encompassing powerful and zealous foe, Sylar. This is a blissful thoughts of ifs, only if a Hero such as he existed on the morning, Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 to stop the apocalypse, and order of the world as we see it today, 2007, for better or for worst, If only.

One can never be careful enough when dealing with the lives of other people. Once, as a boy, I saw a spider about to kill a wasp which was caught in its web. I said to my self the spider is going to hurt that wasp. so I took a large stone...and then to my horror, I had killed them both. - Pablo Picasso

So the age old story continues about the innate gene that makes all of us do the things we do. Self - preservation and the powerful instinct to protect our survival at all costs and follow the order of things though war and genocide. And if we stop and think what our emeries are thinking, it is basically the same. If you have watched most of the episodes, one striking factor is that many of the scenes mirror the attacks and its aftermath to guard itself for those trying to destroy it. America as a country and peoples are suspicious as to who they are, and who they should all be.

The final Heroes episode which will be aired on NBC, 05.20.007 will seek its fate.
You can't predict the future because it already exists - thebookmann

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IIO said...

Nice. Heroes is a great show.


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