Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is WAR

More on the Tagging War. thebookmann and Adele have been privy to the many spaces in Port of Spain that feature the work of Mr. Alinton. The graffiti artists, "Louse" who we have named “UGT” (underground Graffiti Tagger) has most recently been freshly painting, seeking out fresh spaces. But sometimes, he has encroached on Alinton’sturf, and that ‘war’ is very, very interesting.

The UGT had stenciled an image of a baby first on one side of the wall. Ye Mr. Alinton interpreted the baby in black housepaint and dabs a few black marks over the stencil as “Respect.” UGT has found is own space a few blocks further along from a huge mural done by Alinton. This mural consists of boxers, with text saying things like,“Don’t give up.” A grey painting of a boxer in his corner, straining to make it to the next round. “Fight a good fight.” A overly sexualized woman in pink with enormous breasts, a green handgun exploding, all against a very textured stone wall, in full colour. UGT has found is own space a few blocks near Green Corner, Port of Spain and along the wall there is a hand, a spray can, and the
peeing boy, like a notebook of signs that he test strips, to place elsewhere in the future. What we are seeing is a marking of territory in an aggressive way which both graffiti artists are evolving before our very eyes. - Adele

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