Sunday, October 01, 2006

Apposing Beliefs

A man carries out his passion amidst his circumstances

The crucifix painted opposite the PNM headquarters, Newtown, Port of Spain.

This street artist paints a narrative surrounding his circumstances and his compassion for Trinidad and Tobago. His images speak of national unity and also of the social ills which he knows quite well. Since 2004, the Bookman has documented his work from what began as a simple drawing in pencil and this has expanded into an elaborate mural which occupies the wall opposite to the PNM headquarters in Newtown.

His recent addition to the piece is a crucifixtion. The Christ figure is crown with thorns and the painter has put dabs of red paint to signify blood. The interpretation is of Jesus Christ as a Rastafarian with ropes of his dreadlocks beneath the crown.
This particular detail shows his sensitivity towards his faith, and to a nostalgia under which these images reflect his inner torment or past he would like to revisit.

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