Monday, May 08, 2006

"Look Punk Buy My Shoe ....Doggg"

Don't mash meh shoe

Snoop Dogg's Doggy Biscuitz

A billboard of the American Hip-Pop personality, Snoop Dogg, and the endorser of the shoe, Doggy Biscuitz at St. Anthony’s College grounds in Trinidad West Indies. The singer is cloaked as a figure head and dressed in a blue Mao jacket. His arms are extended as a Deity advertising a range of sporting gear towards young impressionable school boys.
Owning a pair of Snoop's sneakers can cost over $900 dollars or at what ever means it takes to signify a rank and respect among your peers. Accidentally stepping or causing scuff marks on a new pair is a another matter resolved in the school yard.

A billboard located at the Beetham, Trinidad and Tobago

Hip Hop Nelly living the lifestyle of the American pimp and promoting his drink Pimpjuice on a billboard located at Beetham, Trinidad where residents endanger their lives by crossing the highway into the Beetham landfill to salvage what they can.

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Anonymous said...

it's a shame, because a lot of these youth don't realise that they really need to work hard to get these things. and even's only a shoe! guess what? at the end of the day, we could both still mash de same dog shit! as a teen now living in the states, i really see the struggle and whatever i have i worked very hard for!


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