Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cycle...a short student film

A competition focusing on short independent films has aroused secondary school students in Trinidad and Tobago to participate in a project where video is used as a medium to voice their concerns over peer pressure, bullying and school gangs. Cycle is a production of the Barataria secondary school and their submission is a vivid
portrait of what ready goes in classrooms across Trinidad and Tobago

Anglelo is marking his territory, (note the emphasis on the shoe, and the detail of the logo) and proceeds to bully the smallest boy in class.

Kyle is accused of controlling the form 1 students and a
scuffle between the two gangs ensues.

Terry, a gang member and rival to Anglelo's hood, says that this is all about disrespected and offers Kyle a real solution to solve the problem. He addresses him as Horse, meaning a wild one.

Not only does Kyle suffer at school, but he has to contend with domestic violence at home.

A war erupts between both factions, and a gun is used to end the fight.

Cycle ends with an alternative solution to solve these types of disputes

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