Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Changing Of The Guard - Dwight Eversley Yorke

Dwight Yorke on spotlight at the TSTT building, Port of Spain, Trinidad

The football player Dwight Eversley Yorke had his humble beginnings by selling crab in Tobago, but had the determination to better himself and kicking ball served his passion. Today, he is the captain of the Soca Warriors team as they prepare for World Cup matches in June, 2006. This is a series of billboards spotlighting local personalities and sportsmen from Trinidad and Tobago as they endorse B mobile. See the Brian Lara billboard.

Other World Cup highlights in San Fernando, Yuh going Germany not Canada

After being lead blindfolded into a large industrial bin filled with competition letters for a World Cup Football trip in Germany, a heavy set woman trotted ankle deep into a sea of envelopes. She then knelt down and dug out the lucky winner. It was a decrepit crumbled envelope.

Soon after the winner was announced, a man with a bruise over his left eyebrow as if he was in a Rum shop brawl was interviewed by Synergy TV. His unenthusiastic disposition and poor diction made many viewers wonder why he ever bothered to participate in the competition in the first placed?

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