Monday, May 03, 2010

Feinin at Zen

Come, and sample Feinin Smithy spicy corn soup lingerie and ting

Meh secret ingredient does have dem coming back for more, Eh yuh want more dumpling

By all means, this is a true story behind a corn soup vendor who added his own special seasoning*. Take a closer look at the ladle. As for the vendor character, I wanted him to carry a matty ras, have silver teeth, a Hawaiian shirt, a towel and white shorts. The Zen fete goer had his fancy silk shirt open to chest exposing his 24k gold chain. He oblivious to what he being served, as he watches patrons enter or be denied into the discotheque.

Feinin Smithy, president of the Corn Soup Federation of Vendors from the English Speaking Caribbean

What to look for:

1. One portable table with a decorative table cloth, the vendor stands behind it

2. One or two large vats

3. A gas burner and a propane tank identical to the one shown here

4. Styrofoam cups, paper napkins, pepper dispensers

Corn soup is a soothing broth of vegetables, peas, meat stock and seasoning and enjoyed after a night of feting. The vendors are seen outside clubs.

* This is based on a actual event after the pot spilled over and exposed an under garment

Zen is a popular discotheque in Port of Spain, Trinidad

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