Friday, April 09, 2010

Awake against the mysterious light...

The disc encrusted with razor sharp thorns crystallized in ice

....I am told that God exists within us, I think of God as feathered, spiral joining me with you. What needs to be explained begins right behind the spine, looking, fascinating coil that enriches me. I am dead along others where marriage* rules in internal prayer. God knows nothing but speaks between the senses. God learns over the centuries and explores you against your will, worth, repeating challenges until your purpose is realized. Beyond life, beyond me, I too must resolve my empty solitude.

Forget this place, it seeks death in good

"Feinin walked towards the work, the matter made from cardboard resembled the spiral shape. He then proceeded to walk into the hand, This of cause is not a hand, but a giant cloud of mist,* it composed of everything you thought you knew. God's light shines, it vacillates though time, leaving tears at certain points. The character of Schiller are two energies brought as one.

Gulliver look directly at the hand of God, the storm which raged brought the boat up to the crest of a wave and then upon to flat plateau. This looked like a sun dial, the boat was beached dry and the chain was heavy to carry. Gulliver looked at the shadow, from were he stood, the dial casts at 2pm. In front of him, the disc approached, it glittered like razor sharp thorns. As it reached his face, it saw an opening., this is invisible to humans. The crystallized coil passed through it to eternity as it slid into the consciousness.. Schiller is truly fascinated by the mind, its opal shape, the blue disc that covers a porthole to the unknown. Once inside, the energy gravitates to nodes, it remaps and traces thought.. Whose it is does not matter. To the spiral, it fills the mind with possibilities. "

* Thought

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