Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Cow Band character - Traditional Carnival

The loose cow

The traditional character generally rampages through the crowd and acts like a bull, an imps keeps him at bay with a whistle and whip

The garment can be made from burlap or dry fig leaves, the latter should not be worn in case it is lit. Cases have been reported.

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michael mosa said...

The Bookmann has been able to create the sense of the 'old' in old mas. We have been told for years by those who know, that mas, and particularly old mas, was something that the portrayer would make themselves. The Bookmann achieves this sense of putting together bits and pieces and then, moreso, embodying the costume, once it is worn.
You can actually convince yourself that you can feel the heat, hear the crunch of the coloured snowcone and waft of powder in the air from these very sensitive images.


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