Saturday, February 27, 2010

King sailor final dance - Feinin

The sailor with his fire stoker. Where dem udder King sailors, is war still in Iraq cause me ain't see only is me like here

My bladder bust, me pelt behind wall and pee* river like Caroni and is only two Man Guinness ah drink cost meh meh whole month salary....

In traditional carnival, the Fancy king sailor wears an elaborate head-piece, a decorative symbol on the back of the shirt, and bell bottoms trousers. The uniform is copy of the American sailor based in Trinidad during the second world war. It is also the time the oil steel drums was invented into the musical instrument Trinidadian call the steel drum. An important aspect of the sailor is his arsenal of baby powder and his or her sailor dance.

* A common site during Trinidad carnival are men urinating on walls, and women over drains

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Anonymous said...

The traditional mas concept is still in evidence today, but we are all aware that it shall eventually die and/or be replaced by other images.Much of what we see today are images honed from the war years. This is why we see sailors and the army portrayed. There is a sense of an idyllic yet complex time in our nations' past. The war made an enormous impression on a large part of our older population. These are the people to tell you about the way it was, the badjohns who beat pan, the color bar for the queen of carnival and the genius of George Bailey and Sito Velasquez and others of those times. This was way before wineing was down to the ground and everybody wore mas boots and portrayed kings and history as accurately as Hollywood and better. We have much to be thankful and grateful for in our history.


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