Monday, January 04, 2010

Maurizio Cattelan's Muse

After Maurizio Cattelan's Novecento (1997) An animal so trusting in the hands of its master

In an interview Maurizio Cattelan is described as one of the great post-Duchampian artists and a smartass, too. "I am said to be a master of provocation who shuns the media and abuses the art world. I am notoriously controversial".

Maurizio Cattelan's sculptural parodies are quite inventive, his elephant cloaked as a Ku Klux Klan leader, his Pope struck by a meteoroid and his mule, dog, cat, fowl piece makes you laugh. But his horse suspended from the ceiling lacks a draw string. You get the picture.

Never underestimate the love of Christ that his spirit sings in thee* after Maurizio Cattelan's wax installation, The Ninth Hour

This is how I think Pope John Paul would have parodied himself. I also considered him wearing a pair of skis which were once in our household, his belief in the Church would have never wavered.

So it takes ass to understand another, No pun on the horse shit shoot? What about a stuffed Hemingway bust facing a rhinoceros both being shot in the head.

* Pope John Paul II

From left to right, a converse sneaker, a pair of jeans, a satin dress, a strip of cloth as the cassock, a curtain rod which the crucifix is attached as the staff, a cone miter, shards of glass and finally an abandon termite nest as the meteoroid.

In the feinin "I wondered about my past, I was a afraid to say it, but God is in all of us. You, me, them, cats, mice and frogs. I looked for him, I knelled before them, So calming, tranquil, blissfully. Soldiers marched to me, and sang, remember those who need a prayer, Touch by this, I rose from my chair and saluted them by. Many wishes to my past, a bible on my crown no more, a gem encrusted in my heart, I say weep my child, kiss them by, I am a soldier at rest, a child with a ball, a handsome soldier. Lift my skirt to see, there sits my little man in me...hee hee. Heaven, mother, father , brother, angels, aberration, truth, belief, silly me"


Stefan Falke Photography said...

holy cow, these are great !

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that gorgeous fabric your standing on? That helps make the piece.

Dylan Cattelan said...

why. Why. WHY.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Never again. Unfortunately, the joke here is on you.


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