Friday, January 29, 2010

Kiki Smith by Feinin

Tying up some loose ends

After Kourai

After Lying with the Wolf

After Rapture

Chained after Tale by Kiki smith, a sculpture depicting a naked women with a trail of excrement expelled from her anus, it is abhorrent

I am not sure I understand Kiki Smith’s work, but I do realize that she has an obsession with wolves, be it dead or alive. Underneath though, her work has a pagan ritual. In the second parody, Messenger where a number of gold leaf strips are tied together and suspended from the ceiling, she includes a bird which is perched in flight as part of the installation. As simple as it was, my structure collapsed and fell apart regardless of how I tried to secure bars together.

I also refused to put it up in the gallery space as it gave the same type of energy as with Tom Fredmans' parodies. At one point I would have collected all the bars and arranged them in a bond fire to be burnt. So I decided an alternative, a bird feeder.

After the Messenger

Yes, it’s real after keeping still for some time, the birds got use to me.

After Hanging Woman

This installation of a woman being hung brought back memories of the work by Mike Kelley but it was not as ominous. Although I had great difficulty keeping the upper part in place, the strains of thread also give hell. What does this all mean? Wiccan.

"Burnt on a Friday, full moon...

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