Friday, November 27, 2009

Rachel Whiteread Feinin' Maid' Bed 2009

How to make Art for Rachel Whiteread

Act 1 Place the used mattress against the Gallery wall

Act 2 Push it down and hold it with your foot as it slides off the wall

Act 3 Then kick it in place

And here it is Art

After Rachel Whiteread
Untitled (Double Amber Bed)

Sponge foam synthetic material
Image available

Rachel Whiteread believes she is a sculptor, draughtsman and printmaker. She makes sculptures of the "spaces in" termed by Octavia Nicholson under which her art captures the unfamiliar spaces of the familiar life, a bath, sink, mattress or chair, transforming the object into the a public forum, for an example as part of the MOMA collection. The sculptures are like fossilized garbage found on the pavements of her city absence of human usage. Her practice copies Duchamp but she neglects that Marcel never made a cast of the object...Pittance to say his is far more relevancy to me.

"God decides and we obey" But further its like a chessboard and we souls are just pawns. The truth is life suffers by man's childish antics..God, Gods.. make no judgment until the human desire to be free is abandoned. Life remains in the hand of you, your thoughts make up this equation. I am not free.

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Anonymous said...

I've been "travelling." Have to catch up. I was reading this and I thought about you.


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