Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Queen Elizabeth II Counter Four

" Pumpkin, I am here with you, we gave away too much of the world we owned"

Queen Elizabeth II in the waiting room of Port of Spain's state of the art immigration building applying for her three day work permit

Speaker phone:
Queen la....Elizabeth Two Counter 4
CPEP worker: Yuh Majesty, I see dat I born before we independent fete, I say to meh self but I is British...meh birt papers say so. Where to apply for meh Majesty passport ?

Ah see meh time ready to attend big meeting in de Savannah ice skating ring, I reach dem emigration early and de lady tell meh is wait till meh appointment reach and meh number call. Ah say daddy, what blimey timing, Sod and I so longed for a vacation in the Caribbean Isles and we are inconvenienced. Oh Mary II days on our ship...Oh daddy, the officer whispered, "May I say my name"...I think it was Harald, darn..sweet cheeks of his. I wanted to play, but my nickers slipped down from my thighs and I pulled them up before Harald could figure out why I was twitching.

"My pumpkin, my rose petal, we walked crossing the fields of Balmoral, I taught you both that love never ceases, you are Queen if only your child grew up".

Feinin as King George VI

Ah see meh eldest sitting wit dem natives, meh eh see why when she self once own dem all. I hear ah immigration officer call she name and mistake she for Queen Latifah. Ah say allyuh crude mistreating meh bright younger sister too jealous hiding she nickers, calling she slim rod, oh Madgaret.

Next ting dem ask, who yuh fadder name? Meh pumpkin say, "Bloody King George VI, Albert Frederick Arthur George King of the United Kingdom and British Dominions and the first Head of the Commonwealth.

Dem officer look at meh Broach, "where yuh born?", I took off my Brit jewels and slammed it in front of the lad, "pardon my french, I am Her Reigning Queen, Liz to no one, you are just servants,...lets hurry, supper is at six".

Oh mommy, if only you could see how beautiful those boys are turning out to be without that witch who raised them spoiled. Harry is ridiculous, I'm counting on Charles, if Camilla, ran away with the dentist.

"Mister Prince Willy, dough let yuh banana fruit touch meh"

Meh Beautiful Grandson, Horse Grin Prince William borrowing and keeping meh favorite centre piece crown, look how he learning fast wit dem local celebrity native, Saucy Wow at de Commonwealth of Nations Meeting opening in de Chinee Ice Ring in Port of Spain. "Will boy show her your blue blood…come on, loose that bridle, give it all in the quarters…whap, again, whap, whap, whap… just a few more yards, whap, show her and the World that you are my King, King, King of the Commonwealth...Oh God Save the King. Stand ladies and gents, bow to him….whap,whap whap, whap, whap whap, whap, salute the Crown of England, Wales and the territories we once held, whap.”

Oh lawd Meh Royal Hind, ah ca take de flogging, I taking meh bible and going to say meh bible prayers, Jesus, mamee, pressure dis is madness, Eeeeric ah go repent

The Crown

I encountered a strange omen over this crown which is made of from shards of glass, Christmas wrapping paper, mother of pearl buttons and cardboard. I could not understand my difficulty how it was to be displayed, and the power it possessed seems to be at its will. Blood at the head kept coming to mind. Then it came to me, what is missing was a rod which the shell of the crown hung.

To answer your question, I have never considered writing a play, perhaps its part of my blue blood. I had planned on using the Chinee ice ring before you asked, I had photographed it two weeks before. Any inanimate object can come to life once you put your heart into it. These works are just that. The Queens studies were complex, I had done many, some worked while others failed. These was faced with a parody which was not necessary. The more I tried, the further it went into the past, the pieces looked Elizabethan with the nuances that seemed regal. Forgoing this, here is the Queen at her best.


anton said...

wow man, u really should write a play...u will rival the queen!
but why did u not take photos of the place? o u don't reply to ur fans...

anton said...

well u already rival her i mean u will rival shakespeare! mos def!


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