Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where do I gowith shall you grieve?

My King how far shall I go in meadows so green, I see for you sit between the trees. In the future, Feinin remembers time, to me, for the pharaoh, his was the poet, Schiller. They spoke, they sang in the presence of me, for I God's only remaining force began to pray.

Imhotep was not fool, he warned Schiller not to divide him, his was a strange flower, the petals flapping in the wind. God's seed was ready, she ingested it. Her body behaved fighting the childish flavors of sweets. Feinin had toured the centuries, gathering thoughts too small in a pool where his dreams could be found. The seed sank, it restored the cells, the compound could injure him, making he see love, a writer so contained that his brain defused it purpose for living.

The man approached, his eyes so blue, he touched my forehead and then he waited. I saw in his pocket a ruler, he measured his nose to the nearest inch. Forget her, make love to me, I say this is the year of the lord, two thousand and six. To believe this, they looked again what was composed, he could induce the fallacy with one clipping, the Great German was to obey his commands, Lies, fallen dreams, inability to rise above their head, in waters swimming knee deep, bate at its side, reeling in a fish skinned to the bone..

God who art in heaven, what is my purpose to choose over him so hailed as matter. They looked in joy, for the future was real, in turmoil, singing that lie, the Pharaoh, for his could lift me. When I dream, I see only you, thou forsaken his child, I ran towards the trees to see him, a poet ingest with waters of time, where do I gowith, shall you grieve.

In the future, feinin looked across the seas, he raise his hand and struck the water with so much force that it broke in two, the path filled with money, so they say. Look at me for once my child, for I see in this vast universe, I climb the branch, I leap into the skies and spin, forgetting all that is passed. Loyalty, its not usual, we think all must follow in our footsteps, bow, curtsy, smile. Then we retire, alone, grieving praying for the King His Majesty, Amen The matter was told to sit with her, he was God herself, she begged to see his face, for whoever be him shone could free the calling that God had resisted the force of time, to be alone.

Awake, lift me as I rest facing Duty...

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