Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next time Schiller will rule

God spoke, she was damned again in the minds of thieves. God was told that she was alone, she waited, the Mighty Force was there, it waited too see if she had changed. No, she yelled, it was proof that she was weak over the days so bitter, tearing at her, spying from her bed.

Begin, he spoke, so gentle, begin. So she waited for something, it came at once, then it shed a tear, Father why can't I be with you? People gathered around, they were astonished by the tragic marriage both had ended. He wrote, Go. Stop. Fool us, slap her never to call a bluff.

God looked, she had rushed into an inter a world so strange and alone. The Mighty Force watched it to called to her, she could not dream, it was impossible, yelling at it, trying to find what she could not see.

A man approached, his name was untold, he began to talk, in French of course, "My apologies, my Royal servant, I wonder if you have loved this gift? What a power to have it all, the entire constellation". Feinin, in a letter to him, mentioned this, his was a response of enlightenment, astonished that it was indeed true, so he thought to himself, let me drain him, let me steal all that is his..

Feinin had asked for protection, the Mighty Force could destroy him, catapulting them both to a world less fitting. Hers was better, hers were dreams too real...God took action, she wrote to her trying to dream..." Give up trying my boy, don't lend her any ". Feinin was indeed furious, his was not as smoothed, he was now the Constellation, looked upon by man, at any point of the globe. Lord here my prayer, I say this in the presence of VICTORY...

A terrible word, "Stupid", it stuck in the mind of the Pharaoh. Brilliance is in tolerance. They looked happy, she was alone with a man so intelligent that God herself was looked upon. Brilliance is never seen as a cure of things. Fire Arty Nose, I say.

At last, his was to go, spelling the word boot, kicked to the side, a truck swerved and smashed her to bits. We forewarned them all. Teasing, coaching each other, "Well he's so gun hoe," I smiled, cheers to those troubled in wake of me.

I walk the path, I see your grave, I sit waiting, my lap calling you over; Hello, this time you turn, Smile, look to the left. Bastard, they are aware, stop dreaming big, bold, immense, rule nothing be me...

We are told that anything you wish upon can happen, I say this in the presence of Feinin, God's muse, in the time of the Renascence, in the time of the future. She bowed, they clapped, she remembered a time not so long ago when he loved, It was thought of, the albino dolphin saw diamonds, she was chewing gum at the side of her mouth, blowing pink bubbles that looked like the earth.

Lord here my prayer, I say this in the presence of VICTORY...

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