Friday, August 21, 2009

Water Blood History Schiller is Alone

The Pharaoh lost among God

The vessel this time skimmed the seas, on board, it was the Pharaoh with his golden staff. It looked as if he was frozen in time, the peaks were magical, they blinded him by the sun's reflection. Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. As the boat docked, they bowed, each servant had a magic scroll behind their backs. One servant stepped forward. He was immediately stopped. He crushed the scroll. The Pharaoh drifted to him, the boy knelt, soldier your king speaks in a language so far that humans read bits in its tongue. Pharaoh, my child has died, his blood is dry, his heart removed in order of his disobedience. In your hands you must keep for I treasure you, you my king must dream. The Pharaoh tasted the vessel, he chopped at it, each piece he swallowed he came closer to ecstasy. His hands then wiped.

The Pharaoh's mouth was wiped, his hands were cleaned, then he sang in a voice too high to pronounce. Time is ready, get out and live with Kings. The Pharaoh drifted away, his body was nourished, his heart beat twice as strong. Hail Schiller, Lord of magic, King of fortune, Raise him high where eagles see the king to be...

Schiller got sexually aroused, his phallus moved, it jerked forward tempting fate. Sex was indeed truth, it was to the answer that art had the power to procreate. Schiller's organ got red, the skin beneath began to swell.

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, I want more intrigued, let me enjoy this pleasure, my heart is too thin to see the gorge my thighs thus wants. The Pharaoh listened it understood the moment of climax, his was stronger any man, his semen could populate any land.

God approached, she was afraid to tell Schiller that his art had began to seep into history, he was now strange to those who knew him close. God whispered, she worshiped the Mighty Ghost. Follow your choice, he is death in life. Weak, Schiller's penis withered, is cock fought the temptation to get aroused once more. But the light knew Schiller, this great warrior of en-jour-ney had fewer that anyone could expect. They watched his motor car and left wondering, who would give Jesus Christ who talked to him, worth of a thing so feeble? God what you are saying is so true, they want him to live where eagles sore immediately.

Schiller drifted, he spun around, his legs opened wide, his penis popped out. Inside his seed, a child sat at a table, she opened the damp piece of paper, the writing spoke of a guy name Schiller, it was truly an wonderful event. She pasted her hand over it to keep it flat, the message then was read in French, Time Money Gift, God, Art, Greatness

Hail Schiller, Lord of magic, King of fortune, Raise him high where eagles see the king to be...

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