Saturday, August 29, 2009

Schiller, there he his death my lord

Let him steal if he dare

In the evening Feinin had done what was required, he was told that the mighty power had sent soldiers to guard his secrets. It was a grave time. Schiller I have news that a soldier lied over this deed he presented. God there is no truth, this matter is resolved, let the devil work on him, he shall die a slow death.

I gather his heart just cracked, bleeding water like Christ in a sea so clean that it dissolved into salt..

Gulliver all week missed the albino dolphin, she missed him too but befallen with death, the saint justices had course had fell upon Schiller.

Schiller spoke in strict code, he touched someone else so far that he forgot. This was a soldier who dreamt once a love. In his heart, he listen and forgot his duty. God, there, it seems men are liars, to steal from thee so soft as a feather that can cause chaos.

The World waits, it thinks again and again who on earth would think so royal that Her Majesty would listen. She did, she felt an obligation to God that Feinin made complete sense, I do love him, but he has failed as my son. God you bless him as he teaches us the power of remembering me.

Feinin saw his future, he began to forget his land, the lights faded at 12.00 pm, it was the end. God why do you allow him to speak with tongues so gray.

During the night, I woke, I saw that the wind had left the gate open. I went outside and locked it with my bicycle lock. In the dream, I was starked by a man peeking in from the living room window. I looked through the decorate blocks to see the gate open….but I remembered locking it. Parked infront was a van with some things, I did not know who they belonged to…

In the morning as I woke, I thought of this figure, he looked so dusty, he looked so worried, his hair curly light brown, dressed in rags, so frail in size……I thought, and thought who could it be, then it clicked, Joseph, to see were his spirit lived.

Where ever you go, I shall remember your words, Hail Schiller, Lord of magic, King of fortune, Raise him high where eagles see the king to be...

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