Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The albino dolphin's dance of truth

The dolphin and the disc of existence

Gulliver remembered when the dolphin queinked, he also thought fondly of the owl. The albino dolphin kept nodding her head, she trapped water under her tongue and spouted it at him. Gulliver was still in tranced by his dream, he questioned himself, Why Jesus again. He needed stronger proof that it was him...a drawing perhaps.

The vessel stood very still, Gulliver felt ashamed that he still felt helpless, What to do? Who to believe? God in heaven where thou you guide so I may see their truth?

The white owl suddenly swooped down and perched itself on the bow of the vessel. He shook off the water from his feathers and nudged his head side to side drying himself. The owl turned directed a Gulliver, his eyes opened widely. In the refection, Gulliver saw himself sitting with the oar and suitcase chained to his ankle, but he saw something else behind him. A figure cloaked in black, a bearded man smoking a pipe with a lamp above him. You, you there I remember you from the nautical shell. The man responded, Stop, keep still, raise no doubt about your future. Keep thinking of me, I am you remember...then he vanished

The owl opened its beak, it extended a long scroll in hierographics, it contained symbols of birds, staffs, men with hats, standing and sitting on high chairs. Translate this and you will become free, translate this and you shall live an wonderful life with ...........the scroll quickly rolled up and retracted into the owl's mouth.

The albino dolphin and her dream

The albino dolphin was patient, she knew what really mattered was the appreciation of oneself into a world too damn busy. Her eyes filled with hope that Gulliver made the right choices in his past, that he gave the best to all that knew him. Greed, ambition and fortune were never part of the package, it was money, beauty, sex and dreams that kept its course.

....In memory, he sees a familiar man sitting, in his hand he shows a ring encrusted with diamonds. He takes my palm and places it in the centre, then forces it closed. As I release my palm open, a scroll drops to the floor, the inscription reads, "Follow not that you bury, trust those never to love in times..... You, you my Pharaoh steal all that I carry. Change is always difficult if man sees blindly....I remember you"

Gulliver wept.

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