Monday, July 06, 2009

Maman de l’eau sex down the place with the Prime Minister

Maman de l’eau finds no water and her rivers clogged with refuse of man made materials of plastic, paper, glass and poisonous chemicals

The folklore character Mama Dlo’, whose name is derived from the French which means ‘mother of the water’ is a hideous creature, Mama Dlo’s lower half takes the form of an anaconda. She is said to be the lover of Papa Bois. Hunters tell of hearing a loud, cracking sound which is said to be her tail as she snaps it on the surface of a still lagoon. Mortal men who commit crimes against the forest, like burning down trees or indiscriminately putting animals to death or fouling the rivers, find themselves married to her for life.

Sometimes Maman de l’eau takes the form of a beautiful woman singing silent songs on still afternoons, sitting at the water’s edge in the sunlight, lingering for a golden moment. If you were to meet Mama Dlo in the forest and wish to escape her, take off your left shoe, turn it upside down and immediately leave the scene, walking backwards until you reach home. Transcribe in part Newsday Newspaper Millennium Special, 2000

Maman de l’eau showing off her real Coconuts in a classic Marilyn Monroe pose

Its true, I marry to he, the Prime Minister because he repeatably commit crimes against the forests and rivers of my homeland. Is forty seven years I marry to he, over and over. A different face but to same behavior. I can't take it, he need help before
Papa Bois flood he out like last year. So how is your love life? Dat man strip down all the Bois Band bark and ah still not satisfied .

Addendum: Maman de l’eau is Papa Bois' consort and spends most of her time sitting on a rock combing her yellow hair.

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