Monday, July 06, 2009

Loup Garou fools villagers

What a Loup Garou looks like and what animal he transforms to

The "Ligahoo" or "Loup Garou" is a Trinidad and Tobago folklore character who can change into a werewolf. He is a beast you should not cross yet dealing with him in trade is another matter. If ever you see a Ligahoo he would see you before you wink of an eye, then you'll see something else. The Ligahoo owns the streets and can be distinguished as a go happy man dragging his coffin around with full with Bush Rum and by a chain. The Werewolf creature can be seen if dog yampee is placed in the corner of your eye. The Loup Garou can't see you or can he?. The myth over the dog yampee remains as the ability to see spirits of the afterlife.

Loup Garou morphs into a wolf and fools villagers as a transparency to transports his goods to his many Bush Rum clients. Neighbor is your dog howling so?

Now you interviewing me, yuh ain't see is six o'clock, meh body time ready. I have meh business to carry. Dat coffin ain't light with all dem spirits. Yeh brother still want a few nip bottles?

Addendum: If you walking through the woods and you hear rustling noises, don't turn your back, its Ligahoo, he has sniffed you out.

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