Friday, July 17, 2009

Horn Food - Rosaline and Jahmaddin

Feinin cooking Libby's Horn Food

Oh gorm, Rosaline, yuh season de pot well wit Maggi, It making feel to meh to brush yuh double. You talk wit yuh gold teet self, I tell yuh to buy Libby's with Montreal smoked Pork flavor Corned Beef. Yuh know George does fret after holding bandit like you all day, night, morning, evening, Christmas and Eid. He want he favourite dish with slice tomato and cucumber like always, tree times a week. It nearly six o'clock now and Four Roads just up de road. Yuh know he have siren horn to pass all dat traffic and sometime he does get drop wit blimp or helicopter when dey have no vehicle.

Yuh done finish yet? Pull up meh pantie nah. Now, ah have to finish cook, spray the bedroom with black disinfectant to kill out yuh smell and untie de twenty rottweiler. Bring dat quail up cabbage yuh tell meh yuh tief in de Central Market last time, and scale de wall close to de neighbour kitchen side, dem so does maco yes. Jahmaddin, Jahmaddin, where de key, where de key to open de Corn Beef?, Oh fada Muslim, why you and Deportee does forgot to pick one wit it.

Terms: In Trinidad sayings, Corn beef is termed as a meal which can be prepared very quickly, making quite apt as to be called Horn Food.

Ah get a free flight home oui

Deportee pertaining to Nationals that are deported. They generally can be distinguished by their thick North American accent and work in places such a gas stations, groceries or left roaming on the streets

Horn: Adultery

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