Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sweet Jesus - He's resurrected

What terrific news. I am going to sing , whe he truly wicked. Move out of de way, I want to see too. Sweet Jesus is real. Were he totee, where he hands? Look at dat lamp foot. Jesus give meh some of what yuh have, I want to heal meh mudder, she child sick, Ah feeling bad for she....

Get off my fucking back and go to your room. Switch off the lights and study your prayers.
Our Father, which art in heaven,hallowed be thy name....Prayers, what for I eh sin yet, I eh tief. Why to him, what he does do good for me?

Bastard, go sit, shut up before I rip your teeth out. You are foolish, you can't see why? You terrible,
terrible, infant. Leave, get out, shame on you, find another light to sleep in. He's not God, he's not your mother.

Addendum: This appears to be a child about 12 years, killed on a bicycle. She is in search for her mother. Alone, difficult, neglect, disobedient

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