Monday, April 20, 2009

Western Hemisphere leaders fail to ratify accord - Summit of the Americas

One of the two cruse ships sunk at the Bay of Sealots, Trinidad

Port of Spain, thebookmann wonder of the world

After what the Prime Minster hoaxed as a historic success, he put his signature on a large florescent pink bristle board card designed by cultural historian,
Brian Mc Farlane. The Port of Spain treaty which the host of the Fifth Summit of the Americas solely approved pushed measures that the East Indian Doubles will be now be officially be an African Triniadadiangrenadian delicacy. Western Hemisphere leaders failed to ratify this as it denied the Rights of the Indian.

After the closing ceremony, the Prime Minster's wife called, Dictatoresha her cousin on her Red Berry North Korean Digicel and spoke in a language unknown to well educated citizens before 1962. The event that took place ten minutes after the two fully loaded Princess Caribbean cruse liners departed from the Port of Spain port is a scene described as hands raised, praise d Lawd, flag waving, Machel Montano soca fĂȘte groupie gone bad, as both ships plundered under in the most polluted part of Sealots, submerging the ungrateful delegates after all what her man had worked for, got sick for, and done for them for free. This was followed by bells ringing. Sources pinpoint the Shouter Baptists Mafia was involved.

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