Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle 1432 breaks all records

Don't be the master of all things, just one, with every force and might

The Scottish mega star Susan Boyle during her audition to Britain's Got Talent

Just after posting her singing performance on the youtube one week ago, Susan Boyle's courage to face an audience and a number of judges has evoked an emotional aftershock to over 26 million hits so far, it may reach a 100 million. Her rendition to I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables, Ms. Boyle addressed her audience in a simple manner. She may be very suffer from autism, yet the fascination and appall is that of her perceived prejudice just before the judges. Then, she opened her mouth and the World turned its ear to her as she brought forth vocal calibre that brought down the house.

This has more to do with the dignity of a human being, and the potential of human spirit masked other than what one sees. Here is a lesson to all, Popes, Kings, Queens, World leaders and the common folk. Put you prejudices aside, above all things, believe in the beauty that is of man beneath any of his skins.

Before and After, the three judges from Britain's Got Talent are caught wetting their pants. At 4.03 of the video, Simon Cowell released his kegel exercise

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Anonymous said...

as a matter of fact, by now she's got more hits on youtube than obama's inauguration


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