Friday, April 17, 2009

Cadillac Beast arrives for the Fifth Summit of the Americas

Most technologically advanced car in the World to protect the US President, but can it withstand our potholes?


The American Presidential limousine, coded, the Beast, specially customized for the Summit of the Americas V, Port of Spain, Trinidad

thebookmann wonder of the world : Port of Spain

The Prime Minster reportedly has completed his customized Foreign use roll on and roll off 2003 Nissan Alma especially shipped in parts from Japan. The car, named, the Caroni, sources confirm has a state of the art automatic gear transmission, air condition and power windows.

The buzz surrounding this car is that it will be used to meet the American President, Barack Obama as they both join a convoy of security Bedford trucks from Piarco airport to the Capital, Port of Spain. Mr. Obama's had flown in his Cadillac, the Beast for the three day fĂȘte summit and it will be driven on the Island's roads as black as pitch. This will be the first run for a car that is the most technologically advanced in the World to protect Mr. Obama. It includes bullet proof glass, an armoured body, a separate oxygen supply, and a sealed interior to protect against any chemical attack. The latter will be tested as they pass the Beetham Landfill and spanking new wall built on the wrong side of the highway. The beast is rumored to withstand a small rocket-propelled grenade once the President has stepped away safely away from the vehicle. The tires can run flat aptly in time to drilled by the planks embedded with nails, thrown across the Beetham road.

But with all the technology the Beast has in place, Organizers are comcerned over the driver's ability to react quickly enough to avoid the random potholes. Taxis are outlawed from using the diplomatic route as the small islanders very well know, they are more hazardous to the safety of the US President' s car than a rocket-propelled grenade attack. This is our little arsenal, the Prime Minster muttered to himself, the amount of hole he go go down in will damage he fancy car, dey did'nt think of dat

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