Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kanye West outdoes Jeff Koons

Why collect contemporary art when I can manufacture it myself

Scanning imaging clay model technology projects a composite mold of kanye West

The American rapper kanye West has focused his attention on producing a fabrication of himself using a photographic device that can mold the entire body by the process of scanning. The computer generated image can simulate the likeness of the subject as it passes over the contour of the model. The results is art in itself, more poetic then Jeff Koons' Micheal Jackson statue. These photographic compositions are likely to set the boundaries of the art of the self with the art of technology.

kanye West holograms himself in clay is far better than Damien Hirst's medical cabinet

West should toy further with the idea of erotic imagery with whoever or whoever he desires, or that of self masturbation. Madonna would be deeply pissed. Nevertheless, it has been done before in its primitive colour photographic genre by his predecessor Jeff Koon having sex with his wife, Ilona Staller, but West wins over with the photographic concept that places himself in the position of mortality and leads him straight into the Museum of Modern Art. What possibilities for the future.....

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