Saturday, September 20, 2008

GWANGJU - Marlon Griffith - Korea

What I want is to travel all over the world with my art - Marlon Griffith

A few years ago, the Trinidadian artist and Children's Carnival band designer Marlon Griffith declared that he wanted to live his life through his art which would allow him to travel all over the world. And with these set goals, his wish has taken him to places as far as Japan, South Africa and to Korea at the GWANGJU Biennale 2008.

Jarbas Lopes's float, courtesy of Claire Tancons

The GWANGJU Biennale's theme is Position Papers which embodies a series of curatorial proposals and experiments by curators working in Southeast Asia, North Africa, South Korea, and the United States. Claire Tancons for her project, Spring, has included the works of Jarbas Lopes, Karyn Olivier, MAP Office, Marlon Griffith, Mario Benjamin, Jin Won Lee and Caecilia Tripp which appears to be some sort of street performance. Griffith's skill as mas maker is evident and he uses an iridescent material to form a wrapped toga which these street performers are walking, marching or dancing in a choreographic way. The performers are armed with swords and masks made from cardboard which is a signature of the mas maker.

Spring, curated by Claire Tancons with Marlon Griffith street soldiers and Mario Benjamin's back-lite screens to the rear. Images courtesy of Claire Tancons

It should be noted that the iridescent reflection was produced by a portable video projector. Griffith explains that during his two week stay, the Korean Biennale showed how disciplined the Koreans are in their coordination and construction of his piece.

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