Monday, September 08, 2008

At my execution - Derek Jarman

I live my life as myself

Derek Jarman's experimental films based on montages of memory, futuristic motifs or distant thoughts overladed by polarizing flares and by his sense of his mortality, love and companionship.

Derek Jarman is considered one of the most important British independent filmmakers. His body of work spans from the 1970s till his death in 1994 and consists of interpretations of historic periods set in England and Europe. In 1993, he produced a film called, Blue. In was a reflection of his life though a man suffering from an illness which impaired his vision. Blue was Derek Jarman's last film from an artist who lived his life as he was, and lay the foundation for future artists to have the inner determination on subjects such as sexually, sexual identity and AIDS.

At the upcoming film festive in Trinidad and Tobago,2008, the British filmmaker Isaac Julien is screening his film about the artist. Derek is a montage of interviews, film footage related to Jarman's life. Julien's work plays on the subject of blackness, revolt and on a theme that bonds them both and that is homosexuality, identity and love.

Isaac Julien, centre, next to Peter Doig at the Studio Film Club, Port of Spain for his premiere of Derek as part of the Trinidad Film Festival.

Excerpts from Blue:

Lost boys sleep forever in a dear embrace, salt lips touching
submarine gardens cool marble fingers touch an antique smile
shore sounds whisper deep lover, drifting on the tide forever
smell of him, dead good looking, in beauty's summer
He blue jeans around his ankles, bliss in my ghostly eye
Kiss me on my lips, on the eyes
Our name will be forgotten, in time, no one will remember our worth
Our life will pass like the traces of a cloud, it be scattered like mist that is chased by the rays of the sun
Around time is passing of a shadow
Our lives will run like sparks through the stubble
I place the delphinium blue, upon your grave

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