Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nor do I see or faintly hear

A blind and slightly deaf man waiting for a taxi on his way to Port of Spain, Trinidad

The man you see here relies on the principal of his faith which guides him to wherever he needs to go. He is blind but also wears a pair of hearing aids to amplify his weak hearing. On the steps near Lord Kitchener former home in Diego Martin, he once stood on the pavement and tapped his cane profusely on the edge as he held a rosary with a crucifix to his chest then raised it the sky. This was in his attempt to cross the road. Eventually, a good Samaritan ahead came to his aid.

Whether this is an example of faith. it explains the power of trust in something and to the handicaps and crutches you believe you may have,
believe in the belief will take you to and back safely.

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