Friday, June 27, 2008

A tailor's revenge

Saga Boy Boyse the following Friday after the incident

Every Friday evening, Boyse would come into his friend's tailor shop and
with his flat bottom he would jump up on the counter, Braps. He would do this wearing his white long sleeve shirt and pants and the act was to entice the girls who came in and to showoff what a Saga Boy he was. The counter was a place where people put their bread down, and Boyse took no consideration of this and put down a few farts smelling up the place. The tailor had just had enough.

The follow Friday, Boyse bounced in and did his routine and jumped up on the counter. The tailor had spent the week devising a contraption using a needle that was placed between the crease of the boards of the counter and could move up and down by a piece of twine he tied to the sewing peddle. As they conversed, he operated the peddle which in turn sent the needle through the counter. Boyse was agitated by these small prickly jabs and rubbed his bottom on the table to quell the sting. Is ants? As they chatted, the tailor would fire another jook into his cheek and the man fidgeted again.

The night before, a mixture of pitch oil lamp soot and lard were brushed on the counter, this was in preparation for the Saga boy and those notorious white pants. Boyse, unmindful to what was actually causing this itch worked in the mixture well as he continued to wiggle his bottom against it. After a while, he jumped off the counter was walked out the shop.

Boyse, yuh mess you pant or what? grokked someone. The black oil stain had soiled the seat of his pants. Yuh mad or what, I just come from home, these clothes fresh, he fired back. When he reached back to see, all he could say was, But he is a murder and never jumped up on his friend's table again.

It should be noted that the pants was ruined by the stain.

Stories from Mayaro, Trinidad

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