Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sita - Gim meh one nah

The sweet yet stringy mango starch. Starch is considered a favorite after Julie

Sita was known to the villagers as a women who constantly begged for something. If she saw anyone eating a orange, yellow plums or
a pommerac, she wanted one.

One afternoon, the boys in the village killed a Matchit, a snake like a coral with bright red and black marking. They rolled and tied it in into a ball and one of the fellars put it in his pocket and went to the mango tree to pick and suck mangoes. After raiding the tree, they stooped under the tree for shade and began to suck as many mangoes as they could. Not to be surprised by the beggarwoman turning up and began whining to them, Gim meh a mango hah,
gim meh one hah, Oh chuts, allyuh belly full, gim meh two to take.

While sucking a mango, a boy motioned, hmm! hmm! hmm! and he nodded his head at his pocket. Sita put her her hand in and pulled out the balled snake, collapsing right there on the spot. The boys dropped whatever they were eating and fled the scene. The woman never begged again.

Stories from Mayaro, Trinidad

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