Friday, June 20, 2008

Kaiso cartoon by Cucumba # 1

Long before the idea of 'zine's came along, there were small publications that stood to empower the masses. They were manifestos, or propaganda sheets. This little comic book was put together in 1976. I have very little information on it, other than the fact that it was so zany and full of fun. Filled with expressive, irreverent 'bad' drawing. It now stands as a testament to a time when we in
Trinidad and Tobago were learning about ourselves and supporting things that were local in such a way that everything felt nice about the place. The caricatures of the calypsonians and the story of The Mighty Shadow's Baseman, all come together in this twelve to fourteen folded newsprint with a glossy cover. It is filled with wit and affection, and it represents something good about our country that needs to come back. - Adele

Lord Get-In-Her

Black Stalin as a caricature

By Cucumba from 1976. See part 2

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