Friday, June 20, 2008

Kaiso cartoon by Cucumba # 2

A Kaiso cartoon by Cucumba produced from 1976

This is a story of a Kaiso Giant, who didn't start Kaiso as a Giant, But ended out to been (be) one. It was not easy for him, for days and days he cried, wanting to die. He said that he was coming. They did not believe him until some one flew up in his head. He wanted the man dead. but if only doc Leon had killed that man he also would have killed the shadow and Farrell






North Grand Stand, South Grand Stand. They wanted Shadow. The race was a stiff one with the King Sparrow, The Lord Ketchener ( Kitchener), Franicine. It was really somthing to see and how the Sparrow won the Crown and Shadow won road March some said the Crown should of been on the Shadow's head the judges decision was final!

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