Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Mission not Impossible

From an overheard conversation: She belly high, dat sweet to fock

A wall painting entitled, Mission Impossible, Trinidad, West Indies

In a quaint part of Princess Town, Trinidad, West Indies, in one of the local bars called Obsession, a wall painting brings some humour to patrons who may be a bit intoxicated to even care. It is an airbrush painting of a couple who have sex on their mind but also have physical compilations to consummate the act. . The artist has illustrated a pregnant women pleading to her partner for some pleasurable coition. At the looks of it, he is competing with her by the tremendous amount of weight in fat folds which he carries over his belly. But don’t mind this, men generally find innovative means to overcome the predicament. Sooner or later she cyett getting lick up and he totee getting suck.

Cyett: Vagina
Totee: Penis

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